School trips - All destinations

When you book a Travelbound tour, we’ll work with you to organise a trip perfectly tailored to the needs of your students. We cover a broad range of destinations – from France, Spain and Germany to Italy and Greece to China and the USA, with many more destinations also available. Our trips ensure students have the opportunity to learn and come together as a group.

Vienna Woods


From the famous opera houses of nation’s capital to the forested highlands of Vienna Woods, Austria brings together a history of musical excellence with naturally beautiful surroundings. 

School trips to Ypres in Belgium


The northwest area of Belgium witnessed some of the most horrific battles of WW1 where students will be able to attend the humbling Last Post ceremony in Ypres.

School Trips to Beijing, China


China brings together a diverse culture and intriguing landscapes with the rise of technology in thriving cities to inspire students every step of the way. 

View of Prague from Charles bridge Prague

Czech Republic

Explore Prague’s architecture and study the city’s history as your students walk through the streets of the Jewish Quarter and enter some of the nation’s most significant buildings.

School trips to Paris in France


Sample the best of France’s history, art, geography and culinary masterpieces, from the Alps’ glacial valleys to the streets of Paris.

School trips to Berlin, Germany


Inspire your students in a country of dense woodlands, medieval towns and vibrant cities that have risen from a turbulent past.

School trips to Athens, Greece


Follow the story trail of ancient Greece from the statuesque beauty of Athens to the Dodecanese islands of Patmos and Rhodes.

Dublin Castle


Trace the history of Ireland’s capital back to Dublin Castle, hear the tales of Irish folklore and experience the lively atmosphere of the Temple Bar area in the heart of Dublin. 

School trips to Rome, Italy


From the Renaissance architecture of Rome to archaeological sites of Herculaneum and picturesque Amalfi coast, students will be able to sample the language and culture of Italy.



Experience a culture that looks to take inspiration from its land to create beauty in shape and form for some of the world’s most creative technologies. 

School trips to Russia


Steeped in centuries of political turmoil and cultural triumph, the fast-evolving cities of Russia reveal its complex history.

School trips to Barcelona, Spain


Students will absorb the vibrant, regional diversity of some of Spain’s greatest cities and experience the language and culture through a real-world context.

School trips to Turkey


Turkey offers students a chance to explore ancient sites and open up the splendours of the Byzantine and Ottoman era.

Two pods on the London Eye with London in the background


From the iconic sight of Trafalgar Square to the city of Edinburgh that celebrates its Scottish heritage, students will get to see the landmarks that epitomise a UK tour.

School trips to New York, USA


The USA truly is a land of plenty with vast national parks and concrete jungles that gave birth to a skyscraper culture. There is much to learn from this melting pot of cultures under the star-spangled Banner.