Student tours - All subjects

Whether you seek to build on their studies or open a window on the profession they’re looking to enter, your students will enjoy the trip of a lifetime with Travelbound. Our globe-spanning menu covers a broad range of disciplines, from art, fashion and architecture to catering and tourism to performance and media. We’ll work with you to organise a trip perfectly tailored to your students’ needs.

Architecture Student Tours


From NYC’s skyscrapers to the fairytale mosaics of Gaudi’s Barcelona, Travelbound opens up a world of architectural inspiration. 

Art & Design Student Tours

Art and Design

Discover important works and experiences in international galleries and city streets that will shape the careers of art and design students. 

Business Studies Student Tours

Business Studies

Our business studies trips take students to the heart of commerce, with tailored excursions with question and answer sessions to cement learning. 

Fashion & Textiles Student Tours

Fashion and Textiles

London, Paris, New York – each fashion capital has unique strengths for visiting students, with an array of workshops and museums. 

Hospitality & Catering Student Tours

Hospitality and Catering

Travelling to the source of culinary inspiration is a sure way to infuse students with a deep appreciation of local cuisine. 

Film & Media Studies Student Tours

Media Studies

By visiting a metropolitan media hub, students see how theoretical knowledge plays out in the real world.

Performing Arts Student Tours

Performing Arts

Whether you want to focus on singing, dancing or acting, step into the limelight at the world’s most prestigious theatre districts.

Travel & Tourism Student Tours

Travel and Tourism

From Dubai’s Burj Al Arab to Venice’s Grand Canal, The Statue of Liberty to the Eiffel Tower, visit some of the world’s best tourist attractions.